Home Management

In case you have obtained a property in Dubai and your request is that it should be looked after properly so that you can be confident that next time you arrive in your new residence you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the house the same way you left it when going away to another country, then Emirates Concierge is the right choice for you, it will provide you with security and guarantees, render housekeeping services and maintenance for your residence during your absence. To the moment of your arrival there will be organized clean-up of the residence and  tidying up  of  the territory, laying of the beds, cut flowers in the vases, provision of food in the fridge, checking of technical status of the vehicle and other equipment, provision of the internet and TV, fuel tank filling of your car or delivery of the rented car to your property, preparing the swimming pool for its immediate use, checking of the quality of the services rendered by the third persons. Or may be, you have planned to move ? We provide  dissembling of furniture, packaging, transportation and assembling of furniture in the new residence. We will assist you in the registration in the new residence, preparation of documents concerning the change of  your legal residence as well as with the services and public offices, we will also help you with the enrollment of your children into the best schools.


Additional services:

Preparing of residence for owner’s  arrival

Environment servicing and gardening

Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance

Regular keeping of aquariums and plants

Feeding of pets, looking after pets, walking out pets and caring

Regular checking of mail and residence in general

Residence security services and survaillance

Renovation works and technical maintenance

Furniture assembling and installation of  equipment

Providing Internet and TV services

Payment of monthly bills

Providing personnele and checking of rendered services

Rental services for your appartments or villa during your abscence and provison of steady tenants