You have obtained an apartment or a villa in Dubai, and you possess a wish to have at your disposal  accommodation like it is usually in a hotel with the ultimate service level and appropriate maintenance. We offer you a possibility to look after your residence while you are outside Dubai and also provide top quality services while being at home. First, we will consider your requests so that we can recommend you the best services regarding  housekeeping, also, to ensure top level privacy and loyalty, we will recommend you a specially trained staff of  housekeepers and chefs who can maintain English fluently and who are real professionals in their job. Being careful and trustful are the features that are most valued in the job of a housekeeper so that one is being able to provide a highly professional and ultimate service that meets the demands of  five stars service. We offer  the cleaning of your residence each week, two times per week or one time per month, everything depends on your requests and lifestyle. Our employees are professionally trained, they  use the best quality  cleaning materials and microfibre tools in their work. In order to provide ultimate quality, after every clean-up a specially  trained employee will admit the result of work and   do one’s best to guarantee a clean, fragrant residence that is cleaned up according to your set standards.

We offer:

Top professional chefs specializing in cuisines of various countries

House cleaning

House cleaning with certified Eco cleaning materials 

Use of cleaning materials selected by you

Use of professional equipment in house cleaning

Inspection of residence after the cleaning and quality check-up

Ironing and dry cleaning of clothes