A Few Words About Us

Emirates Concierge is one of the leading lifestyle management and concierge service companies in Dubai, possessing a vast knowledge base in both, local in global environments. Our modern busy and competitive business environment of the entrepeneurs and business people is one of the main causes of continuos lack of time, therefore,  concierge service is the best solution to economize time  and provide ultimate luxury services.

Emirates Concierge provides its clients with ultimate class luxury services as regards any possible  daily  situations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Either you are a busy professional or a devotee of a luxury lifestyle, we shall implement all your wishes, no matter how big is the cost for us. By the help of our resources we will provide the flourishing of your business, its excelency and prestige. Also,  if you just want to spend terrific holidays with your family in Dubai, we can offer you services that meet Arabian standards, providing the best hotels, dream cars, cruises by yachts, restaurants with the best views and, most importantly, a royal level service.


We provide our clients with the top level service – Luxury cars, limousines, yachts, maintenance and service  of your recently obtained property, transfer of your business partners and private aeroplanes, international flights, VIP accomodation in hotels and SPA, business dinners, last minute reservations in the best Dubai restaurants, sports events and clubs, unforgettable parties in the Persian Gulf and on mainland, flights over the glorious Dubai by helicopter, business consulting, luxury entertainment possibilities and parties for children, that all is for you to spend exellent  holidays or have a business trip to the sunny Dubai.



What We Offer


Lifestyle: Restaurant reservation, event tickets, references of goods, luxury goods and their evaluation, traffic and agenda, clubs and entertainment, guide services, any issues concerning the city, purchasing presents, flowers, food supply, eco products. VIP tickets club: last minute offers, announcement of VIP events, public and private events of the city, entrance to the best events, most famous restaurants and clubs, best seats in sports and music events.


Private services: personal assistant, scheduling of family leisure activities, private chauffeur, goods appraiser, security service, confidentiality, fulfillment of any global needs, au pair service, hospitality and human resources, assistance in any situations, translations, education and couching, services for children, searching for valuables, fitness couch, private yacht cruises, private trips to safari in desert, massage and relaxation, full time day and night assistance.


Real estate management: Estate services, design and preparation of documents, construction, renovation works  and decoration, design, furnishing and lighting of premises, building services and gardening, moving residence services, decoration, estate maintenance and services.


Corporate clients and business: selection of  an appropriate location, providing Conference services, Private assistants, VIP transfer and services, legal services, translations, scheduling flights, establishing enterprises in the United Arab Emirates, stock exchange price indices.


Event management: Wedding planning, event management, romantic holidays for couples, invitation of local celebrities to your event, organization of an exhibition, joining of press, providing private events, thematic parties, children birthday parties, banquets, terrific celebrations with a participation of international celebrities, security service.


Travelling and transport: travel reservation, destination research, hotel matching, last minute flights, travel changes, foreign and domestic transport of baggage (any size), animal transportation, children transportation.


Emergency help: replacement of lost tickets, car repair and transportation, plumbing and emergency repair works, replacement of documents, assistance in lost baggage cases, lost money loans, announcement of news on accidents, medical services and health service.


Ultimate level service: selected meals, waiters, strict confidentiality, international relations, luxury hotels and appartaments, ultimate level service and luxury.

Our History

We have what you request. You were the ones who had it in your imagination, but we created it. You dreamed about it, but we fulfilled your dreams.


No matter where you are – on the mainland, in water or in the air, our aid will ensure the ultimate standards, maximum quality, security and privacy.