Ferrari 458 Italia
Price: 8000 AED/DAY

Carrying on the torch of unmatched and unparalleled craftsmanship and performance that is only found in the Italian automaker Ferrari, the 458 Italia is the epitome of sex appeal, blinding power and show stopping sounds.

Run your hands over the vehicle and see for yourself what Italian curves feel like. From the flat, steeply descended front nose to the two triumphantly arching curves of the tonneau cover to the triple exhaust pipes horizontally opposed like three rockets ready to propel the vehicle into adventure, your senses will be satisfied.

Walk past the twenty inch high performance wheels and slide into the racing inspired cockpit. Grab control of the steering wheel taken directly out of an F1 race car and navigate your way through the avenues of New York, Los Angeles or Miami. Known to the industry as one of the foremost authorities on car critiques and reviews, Car & Driver state that the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is “perhaps the closest a man has come to creating an animal”.

Drop the fully automatic and retractable hard top roof and you’ll be graced not just by the sounds of the city or breeze of the ocean air but also of the 562 Italian horsepower unleashed at 9,000 rpm. An animal indeed. The whole transformation from coupe to roadster takes less than fifteen seconds while mashing the accelerator to the floor and launching from zero to sixty miles per hour takes only a third of that (0-60 mph in 3.0 seconds).

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